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Discussion in 'The Keep on the Borderlands' started by biobaba, Mar 20, 2008.

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    First of all I want to thank all the amazing people who made it happen... kotb is indeed an extremely good mod and I would say the most of quests I have done so far is exceeding the ToEE game itself.

    I got some comments/suggestions... since I have no clue how to make a mod these comments are just how I feel about stuff I saw in the game.

    Might have some SPOILER stuff in the following section

    :arrow: In the clean up spider forest quest... The spider Queen is facing the group with its butt... I am not sure it was intended or not.
    :arrow: The inn in the keep I think the second floore should be more decorated and should not be looking exactly like the first floore (Since I got to pay to go up.. I was expecting something good)
    :arrow: Its probabaly just me... but the painting in the lizard folks cave looks as if they were fighting a spider.... probabaly because I got spider eggs from the chest so made me think that way
    :arrow: Books and Bulleten boards I believe when you move your cursor over them it should let you know that they are clickable
    :arrow: Again it is probabaly just me but the chest that contains important stuff in the warehouse seem to be locating in an area quite hard to spot... There's also a "decorative" only big chest besides it .. caused a bit confusion.
    :arrow: Geoffery.... the little scribe dude in the market place... when I went to visit him at hes home at night regarding the guild quest... His dialog still tells me to stay quiet because we are in the market and should go see him at night at the house.. I thought since I am already seeing him at he's home though I dont have the quest item with me he should say something differently
    :arrow: would be nice if there's a chest at the inn for the party to dump their junks... Though there's one in the market which can be used already...

    Thanks for reading.. they might be total BS but just what I think about certain things in the game..
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    Feedback is always welcome, thanks! Not always acted on, but always welcome ;)

    Regarding the Inn, there is a chest up there that people can use to store stuff - you even get the hand icon thing. That's what you're paying to go up for: the chest, the book of languages and the spunky half-elven chick with the funky crossbow.

    The Geoffrey thing is a bug: an annoying side-effect of having essentially 2 seperate models (one by day, one by night). Hard to keep track of whom you have met and where they are etc.

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